our mission

To develop the whole child -- mind, body and spirit -- during the vital learning window of the preschool years. To foster academic readiness and to honor creative abilities through a deeply enriching fine arts curriculum.

Preparing young minds and bodies for a creative world.

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call 319.688.9288 from 8:30 to 9:30 AM and 12:00-1:00 PM M-F

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for the 2017 - 2018 school year

create curriculum

Curriculum designed for the whole child.


Performing Arts Preschool's newly constructed facility features spacious, comfortable classrooms, and fully equipped dance, music, and fine arts studios. The building is designed so students can move easily throughout the day while engaging in hands-on activities, promoting learning and discovery. The CREATE Curriculum, designed by the Performing Arts Preschool faculty, is finely tuned to the developmental stages of preschoolers, and nurtures analytical and creative learning.



is for Community

The world outside our doors is filled with wonders that preschoolers can enjoy in group excursions. Field trips to museums, performances, and visiting guest artists are in store for Performing Arts Preschoolers with permission to participate.


is for Red Yellow and Blue

Daily art class provides an engaging pathway to cognitive development in young children. In addition to strengthening hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, students learn color, shape and pattern recognition, independent work and problem solving skills. Equipped like a working art studio, Performing Arts Preschool offers children the opportunity to experiment with a broad range of materials and media, including paper, glue, paints, clay, collage, sculpture and printmaking.


is for Excellence in Performance

Learning culminates in twice-yearly performances, where children can participate according to their individual preferences. Cooperation, teamwork, sharing, mutual support and achievement come into play as the classroom community works together to realize its own creative vision for the session. We expect no two performances to be alike, and celebrate every child’s contribution to the whole.


is for ABC’s and 123’s

Our students’ day begins with Greetings and Group Learning through developmentally appropriate activities centered on literacy and numeracy concepts. Activities include sorting, ordering, matching and categorizing objects, pictures, sounds and movement. Throughout each week, preschoolers connect and reinforce literacy and numeracy concepts during their Orff, Visual Arts, Drama, and Dance classes.


is for Timbre, Rhythm, Form, Pitch and Harmony

Children discover these musical elements through play and exploration. Performing Arts Preschool embraces the Orff Schulwerk approach to early music education. Daily Orff classes allow children to actively participate in music making through games, chants, rhymes, songs, and dances. The use of voice, movement, and simple instruments allow students to discover music fundamentals in a personally meaningful way.


is for Energy in Dance and Drama

Performing Arts Preschool offers daily dance or drama class. Dance introduces movement in rhythm and in sync, and provides a joyful way to develop large motor skills, coordination, fitness, and balance. Drama -- like story time in live action -- draws preschoolers deep into classic narratives, while fostering imagination, language development, social skills and expressiveness.