our mission

To develop the whole child -- mind, body and spirit -- during the vital learning window of the preschool years. To foster academic readiness and to honor creative abilities through a deeply enriching fine arts curriculum.

Preparing young minds and bodies for a creative world.

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for the 2017 - 2018 school year

our story

As parents and educators, we've noticed the recent trend toward a focus on letters and numbers in preschool. This seems to come at the expense of vital social, physical and creative development during our children's most crucial early learning window.


As professionals in the arts, we're answering the need for a more complete preschool experience --- one that builds numeracy and literacy skills as well as creative talents through an arts-enriched curriculum. At Performing Arts Preschool, we seek to develop the whole child. Not just for a successful transition to Kindergarten, but to take her place in a world that will reward insight, creativity and "whole mind" thinking -- qualities our children already have. Qualities that will flourish if we honor our children's talents and intellect side by side.